For sales or product inquiries, contact the individual representatives using the information below.

For Sales, Business & Purchasing Questions:

David Beckwith, Vice President
Ph: 219-548-3693 ext. 1#
Cell: 219-617-0317
Fax: 219-548-1482
[email protected]

For All Technical Questions:

Danielle Ashley, Technology Manager
Cell: 720-595-0074
[email protected]

For Customer Service, General and Operation Inquiries:

Sarah Morris, Office Manager
Ph: 219-548-3693 ext. 0#
Cell: 219-617-1288
Fax: 219-548-1482
[email protected]

If you are from a European company and are interested in WonderKeep, WonderSensor and/or SensorKeep, please direct your inquiries to:

A.M.P.S. (All Media Pigment Sales) Ltd.
Wheatsheaf Buildings
Rhosmedre, Wrexham
LL 14 3YE, UK
Ph: (44) 1989 810 808
Fax: (44) 1978 810 700
[email protected]