WonderKeep Oxygen Absorber/Oxygen Scavenger


Pioneered from the iron powder production technology, WonderKeep preserves the freshness, flavour and nutrition of foods by eliminating oxygen in packaging

thumb-wonderkeepWonderKeep extracts the oxygen from the interior of a sealed package in a short period of time and the normal atmospheric oxygen level of 21% drops to less than 0.1%. With the elimination of almost all the oxygen in a package, the freshness and quality of food is maintained for a longer period. WonderKeep is a fast-acting quality product with a wide range of applications.

The production of WonderKeep is well controlled from the raw material stage to the finished item.

WonderKeep can be combined together with WonderSensor, eliminating an extra processing step of putting WonderSensor in the food package with WonderKeep.

How does
WonderKeep Work?

WonderKeep packets are placed inside a plastic bag or container and begin to absorb oxygen immediately. After sealing the package tightly, the oxygen is gradually absorbed.

  1. Preservation of freshness, flavour & nutrition of foods.
  2. Prevents colour fading & loss of quality in food.
  3. Keeps insects away.
  4. Prevents rust from occurring on metal objects.

Additional Advantages of Using WonderKeep

  1. Wide range of marketing possibilities.
  2. Enterprising development for foods prepared without additives.
  3. Reduction of claims and increase in the credibility of your product(s).
  4. Simple production and stock control.

Tips for Efficient Usage of WonderKeep

  1. Use a bag or container that has a high gas barrier level.
  2. The bag or container must be sealed tightly.
  3. Use the proper WonderKeep size for the job.


Comparative Freshness Tests With WonderKeep


Room Temperature
at 30 days using
X type WonderKeep
Mold Growth
Salami Sausage
Stored at -26.6°F (-3°C) for 30 days. LP type was used for this test.


WonderKeep Types


WonderKeep RP
Special Features Standard type for low moisture products.
O2 Extraction Time 12 to 48 hours.
Exposure Time Within 4 hours.
Aw 0.30 < Aw < 0.85
Application Dry Foods, Pastries, Nuts, Pharmaceutical Products.
WonderKeep LP
Special Features Water & Oil resistance, Fast & Effective.
O2 Extraction Time 6 to 36 hours.
Exposure Time Within 2 hours.
Aw 0.60 < Aw < 0.90
Application Cakes, Legumes, Dried Meats.
WonderKeep EP
Special Features Fast & Effective, used for items that mold or deteriorate rapidly.
O2 Extraction Time 5 to 12 hours.
Exposure Time Within 1 hours.
Aw 0.60 < Aw < 0.90
Application Fresh Bread, Pastries, Diary Products.
WonderKeep X
WonderKeep X
Special Features For use with high moisture products.
O2 Extraction Time 18 to 30 hours.
Exposure Time Within 8 hours.
Aw 0.85 < Aw
Application Fresh Pasta, Products containing high amounts of fresh cream & butter, for use in boxed meals.

A Complete List of WonderKeep Oxygen Absorber Product Options
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