Specialty Ferrite Powders


We develop various types of specialty ferrite powder in order to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Large Size Ferrite Powder
Soft ferrite powder with an average particle diameter of 200μm-5000μm that can be easily handled. The strong magnetic force of each particle allows smooth and efficient ferrite separation process using magnets.
 two photos of large size ferrite powder
Spherical Ultrafine (Nano) Ferrite Powder
The spherical and ultrafine (nano) soft ferrite powder with an average particle size of 20~1000nm has high dispersion with various solvents, and can be used for magnetic ink, magnetic fluid etc. Despite the nano-submicron particle size, this ultrafine ferrite Powder is oxidation-resistant which provides you with effortless storage management.
 side-by-side photos of spherical ultrafine (nano) ferrite powder
Flake Shaped Ferrite Powder
Our flake shaped ferrite powder with an average particle thickness of 10μm ~ and approximately 50~1000μm flake size has good orientation, and can be used as filler for electromagnetic wave shielding. The ferrite composition design can be customized depending on your desired frequency response.
 side-by-side photos of flake shaped ferrite powder
Shell Structured Ferrite Powder
With a shell-structured structure on the outside, and the porous structure inside, this ferrite powder enables to obtain high pore volume, and can be used as low apparent density magnetic filler. The porous parts inside and outside of the particles are connected to each other via small pores that randomly exist on the surface of the particles.


side-by-side photos of shell structured ferrite powder

FDA Approved Ferrite Powder
We offer ferrite powder that is comprised with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved ingredients. Both soft and hard types are available. The ferrite powder can be resin-coated with FDA certified ingredients upon requests.
 side-by-side photos of FDA approved ferrite powder
High Specific Surface Area and Small Particle Diameter Ferrite Powder
Spherical soft ferrite powder with large surface area and an average particle diameter of 5~30μm. Depending on the surface treatment, this ferrite powder can be used as an adsorbent for specific material. Since the powder is mainly comprised with iron and other elements oxides, it is relatively stable, and can be used and processed repeatedly for a long period of time.
 side-by-side photos of high specific surface area and small particle diameter ferrite powder


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